Trying Weight Loss Pills? 4 Reasons to Seek a Doctor’s Advice First

As we hit peak of bikini season, many retailers are offering what they call the ‘best weight loss pills’ to help consumers shed a quick few pounds for vacations and summer fun. If regular diet and exercise has been difficult for you to maintain over time, it can be tempting to search for the best diet pills for weight loss that can help you quickly achieve results. However, many health dangers can arise from the use of non-FDA approved weight loss pills, and the abundance of unregulated supplements on the market means that many consumers might be putting themselves at risk. This is why seeking a doctor’s advice before you begin taking any weight loss pills is going to be critical to protecting your health and safety:

  1. Potential Side Effects Many weight loss supplements on the market today have a wide variety of ingredients which can cause undesirable side effects such as an irregular heartbeat, headaches, constipation, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, blood pressure spikes, and more.
  2. Caution with existing medical conditions – Taking something that is not a prescription weight loss pill can be dangerous for people with existing medical conditions. Those with heart, liver or kidney disease should definitely consult with a doctor before taking any diet pills. A recent story linked a young woman’s death to the use of protein supplements which she unknowingly used without knowledge of an underlying medical condition. Only a certified physician can assess any existing medical conditions you may have and safely prescribe them.
  3. Interference with medications – Diet pills have also been known to interfere with birth control, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications among others. This can be dangerous for those on necessary medications to protect their mental stability among other conditions. Seeking out a doctor’s advice can help cut these risks and instead prescribe medications that are safe to use.
  4. Potential for addiction – Many diet pills contain caffeine, amphetamines and other compounds that can become addictive if not properly monitored. Diet pills that suppress appetite, or increase dopamine or serotonin can boost energy and cause feelings of euphoria which can lead to dependence. If you have existing addictions or struggle with impulse control, using diet pills without doctor supervision can result in overuse and potential health consequences.



Safe weight loss consists of long-term lifestyle changes and modifications in behavior. The use of weight loss supplements should only aid in this overall goal rather than act as a replacement for healthy and disciplined living. It’s due to this reality that the accredited nationwide weight loss program, DocTalkGo cautions consumers against using supplements without proper medical supervision. For those seeking rapid changes in weight, DocTalkGo can help. Through comprehensive dieting and individualized planning by their medical staff, your entire health history can be assessed and FDA compounded appetite suppressants, emotional eating medications and metabolism boosters can be added to your regimen and monitored by a doctor to ensure a harmless weight loss journey.