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About Our Services

  • 1-3 Month programs
  • Same day consultations with your care team
  • Speak with licensed USA healthcare providers
  • Speak with USA degreed nutritionists
  • Receive ongoing support to your goals
  • Included baseline lab testing

Our Approach

Obesity is a multifactoral disorder and treatments must be individualized across several areas

40% of adults are considered obese (BMI > 30) which represents around 100 million US adults

Prescription Medications

We use the latest FDA approved obesity medications If indicated

Lab Testing

Genetic, hormone and blood markers may be used

Behavior Modification

Changing habits, breaking patterns, creating new ones

Nutritional Support

Concrete guidance on how much of what to eat and when to eat it!

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How It Works

We’ve helped over 100’000 people with obesity and healthy weight management.
Everyone needs a something different, try our online evaluation to see your recommended protocol

Health History

Fill out our secure HIPPA compliant health history intake forms

Provider Calls

We connect you with a US licensed health care provider to review

Pharmacy Selection

We work with partner pharmacies to provide you with the best options

Home Delivery

Medications will be sent by the pharmacy directly to you

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7 Days a Week

Monday-Friday: 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Time

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Although our headquarters is based on the west coast, we are available extended hours, 24 hours/day. Call anytime.

DocTalkGo has been providing telemedicine patient/doctor consultations for the past decade. Our team of Doctors and Providers are all USA educated & licensed in good standing.

People can expect our doctors/providers to typically call promptly for your self-scheduled doctor/provider consultation. We understand that your time is valuable too. Why wait in a doctor’s lobby for extended periods of time, when we can help you (not all doctor/provider services are compatible in a telemedicine environment). So, if a physical exam is required, it’s best that you seek care from a doctor/provider in person.

However, there are many patient requests and appointment types that are well-suited for telemedicine care.

Our system allows full automation. You pay for a doctor/provider consultation, complete health history and consent forms within our secure, online platform, and can self-schedule a day/time convenient for you to receive a doctor/provider call.

Please note, we provide service nationwide, however, we’ve adopted using Pacific Standard Time (PST) as the time zone within the self-scheduler. Please adjust for your time zone.


Your time in CST zone would be ahead by 2 hours
Your time in EST zone would be ahead by 3 hours

The services rendered on this site are for a doctor/provider consultation only. RX fulfillment will be completed by 1 of 3 nationwide compounding pharmacies of your choice. Due to specialization of a few medications, most chain retail pharmacies are unable to fill. Pharmacy fulfillment is 3rd party.

Services for 18 yrs old and up only. We do not service pediatric patients. No narcotics are prescribed. Provider fee refunded if medically declined

Resource Library

Obesity is related with many health conditions including

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Breast Cancer
  • Insomnia