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San Diego telehealth company prescribes combination drug therapy for COVID-19 patients

This is the only medication we have any indication of hope for. Politics aside, it’s all anyone can do right now,” said Julie Wright, CEO of DocTalkGo.

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Startup Offers $181 At-Home Virus Tests, FDA Says Not So Fast

The startup Nurx Inc. is best known for selling birth control online that’s delivered to customers’ front doors. But when it realized the gravity of the novel coronavirus that’s quickly spread across the globe, the San Francisco-based company saw an opening. It began pouring resources into offering at-home tests for Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

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Who can get a coronavirus test?

As cases of COVID-19 spread, many people are hearing of friends and family who have been exhibiting symptoms. But many of those people are having a hard time getting approved to take an official test to confirm it.

Those who have been refused tests are being told to quarantine at home and to manage symptoms by their own accord unless they become ill enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room.

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DocTalkGo Provides At-Home Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screening and FDA Approved Hydroxychloroquine

San Diego, CA, April 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases in the U.S. continue to surge above 20,000 and a national lockdown ensues, President Trump recently announced that anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is now approved by the FDA as a promising treatment for U.S. coronavirus infected patients. In response to the approval, DocTalkGo – the nation’s leading telemedicine provider offering telehealth services from licensed medical specialists is now providing remote coronavirus screenings and prescription approval of hydroxychloroquine for patients across the U.S. DocTalkGo is taking a major step in providing, quality at-home COVID-19 treatment and screening to combat the difficulties citizens are facing when it comes to receiving localized testing and treatment.

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Who Can Get A Coronavirus Test?

A guide on how doctors decide who gets a COVID-19 test, why celebrities get them without symptoms and more.

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