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if medically declined, a full refund is issued.


DocTalkGo has been providing telemedicine patient/doctor consultations for past decade. Our team of Doctors and Providers are all USA educated & licensed in good standing.

People can expect our doctors/providers to typically call promptly for your self-scheduled doctor/provider consultation. We understand that your time is valuable too. Why wait in a doctor’s lobby for extended periods of time, when we can help you (not all doctor/provider services are compatible in a telemedicine environment). That means, if a physical exam is required, it’s best you seek care from a doctor/provider in-person.

However, there are many patient requests and appointment types that are well-suited for telemedicine care.

Our system allows full automation. Pay for doctor/provider consultation, complete health history and consent forms within our secure, online platform, self-schedule a day/time convenient for you to receive a doctor/provider call.

Please note, we provide service nationwide, however, we’ve adopted using Pacific Standard Time (PST) as the time zone within the self-scheduler. Please adjust for your time zone.


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Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare needs.

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The services renderred on this site are for a doctor/provider consultation only. RX fulfillment is 3rd party. Although we can recommend reputable, licensed, USA nationwide pharmacies, it’s your option to fulfill at any pharmacy of your choice