4 Reasons Why Medical Weight Loss May Work Faster than the Mediterranean Diet

We all know by now that the Mediterranean Diet for weight loss is ranked as one of the healthiest in the world. Its success in improving or eliminating health issues such as heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and weight gain is consistently reported. In fact, calling it a ‘diet’ sells it a little short, since it’s more of a healthy lifestyle change than a strict eating regimen. But as amazing as the Mediterranean diet is, few things beat a medically-supervised weight loss program for some significant reasons:


  1. Medical Weight Loss is Personalized – Common plans like the Mediterranean diet can improve weight overall, but may not address specific health conditions that might be preventing you from losing as much as you should. The benefit of having a certified weight loss expert on your side is that they can assess your individual health profile and come up with a diet plan that works specifically for your needs. This approach often results in fat loss that is more accelerated in the initial months, sustained weight loss over time, and immediate improvement in health markers such as lowered cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, and reduced abdominal fat.

  1. Nutritionists Keep Bad Foods at Bay – Processed and high sugar options can often sneak themselves into the Mediterranean diet by way of pastas, breads, and Mediterranean style products on grocery store shelves. While having a sensible amount carbs in the diet might be okay down the road, they can be a major setback during those initial months. Our medical director here at Diet Doc states that, “An overload of carbs in the diet is one of today’s key contributors to weight gain, increased inflammation, blood sugar spikes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic pain and degenerative diseases that have all become so common amongst the population.”


  1. Doctor Supervision Gets to the Root of Weight Gain – Let’s face it, knowing how to eat healthier is only half the battle. Our hard-wired eating habits are what really get in the way of substantial progress. Changing lifestyle eating habits can take a significant amount of time and effort. The truth is, there are many underlying causes like stress, emotional eating habits, and gaps in food education that make adherence to healthy diets more difficult. If transitioning to the Meditteranean diet is difficult for you due to struggles with portion control, cravings for junk foods, or other lifestyle habits, advanced medical weight loss techniques along with a weight loss coach can help tremendously. They can help you figure out easy Meditteranean diet recipes that are to your liking, as well as help you with how to shop for food, and how to select menu items when dining out. You’ll be more likely to stick with this healthy lifestyle with support from a licensed professional.

  1. You Can Keep Your Diet On Track – Many of us are able to get off to a good start on our own. But once a stressful situation hits, the holiday season begins, or schedules change, it can be easy to fall back into the same poor eating habits that got us into this mess. Having access to certified nutritionists who are available on an ongoing basis can keep you motivated and losing weight over time. It’s clear that medically-supervised diets such as what Diet Doc offers have an advantage over even the healthiest of options. Rather than opting for a cookie-cutter diet, Diet Doc gets to the bottom of your weight loss struggles by assessing your unique body composition, as well as the psychological barriers preventing you from achieving long-lasting weight maintenance success. Their doctors and nutritionists offer 24/7, phone-based support and guidance to help you reach your weight loss target and keep it off!